Mississippi (Finally) Gets a Tesla–Tesla Flag Now Has 50 Stars!

There are finally 50 stars on Tesla’s flag for there is now at least one of the American electric carmaker’s vehicles registered in each American state.

Guess which state was the last to have a Tesla registered? It was Mississippi. Second-to-last was West Virginia. In total, it only took about 18 months for Tesla to go from no cars registered anywhere to one registered in each state. This is not bad for a company selling a new technology. The Chevy Volt extended-range plug-in needed 11 months to do the same, while the childishly-named Nissan Leaf needed nearly two years to reach that milestone. 

These are good times for Tesla. Its Tesla Model is currently the best-selling plug in the nation. Last year, 22,300 of the sedans were sold with nearly 7,000 being moved in the fourth quarter.

Now back to Jackson, Mississippi. I hope this owner’s office is not all that far from his home because the closest charging station to his hometown is either in Florida or Texas. Both are states that do not share a border with Mississippi.

Of course, if you’re a Jackson resident and want to finance a car–even an electric one–we’d be happy to help.