Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around…!

There are millions of adults who knew the exact moment they turned into their parents.  For many, it was the first time they exclaimed in frustration to their kids in the back seat of the car, “Don’t make me turn this car around!”  Most of us can relate to that admonishment and others in a similar vein like “Don’t make me come back there.”  “If she jumps off a cliff, are you going to jump, too?”  These were used to keep the kids in check during rides in our youth when the family took the traditional cross-country vacation by car.  The frustration with your bratty little brother or sister was real.  The anger was palpable, and the memories are priceless.

“Are we there yet?”  Was another chorus in the Just Wait til We Get Home anthem sung by countless parents on the road during those long days and nights when the ride seemed to take forever and you just knew you’d die from boredom.  But finally, Dad would relent, roll up the windows and turn on the air conditioner, and a fragile peace would ensue, brokered by PBJ sandwiches and cookies.  The automobile has been like the favorite old uncle of the family.  Always a steady presence, ready and willing to help move the family along.  That’s why it can be so hard to live without one.  And why we hate to part with our favorite when it’s time to let it go.   Fortunately, now you can easily buy or replace your favorite ride because it’s easy to qualify for a car loan, and you can do so right from the comfort of your home.  With the online service we provide, you can type in your information and get back a response in no time.

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For example, one mom found it to be the perfect way to shop for the clothes her son needed for his trip to China.  She searched Groupon and found money saving deals for Express, one of his favorite stores.  With a few texts between the them, they worked out the items he wanted, including the skinny jeans, hoodies, graphic tees and shoes for all the events on the schedule.  By the time he came home, she had ordered them in his exact sizes and they were being shipped.   By using Groupon she found she could save as much as 60% off selected merchandise and even more off clearance items, some of which were on his wish list.  And while she was at it, she found the perfect styles to upgrade her look for spring and saved a ton of money as well.

Travel arrangements are handled by the program administrators who worked closely with the parents and teachers.  They explain what the accommodations are, what to do in case of an emergency situation and set guidelines for all to follow.  Once these things are in place, it remains for the student to enjoy the life changing experience and rite of passage to the world stage.

The senior high trip abroad is a tradition that dates back centuries and serves to broaden the horizons for many youths who might not think of travelling outside the United States otherwise.  Many youth are thrilled at the prospect of travelling to a foreign location with classmates.  Parents may see this as the opportunity they could not provide on their own and some even jump at the chance to accompany the class on the journey.  Whether your child goes stag or drag, there are lots of things to consider when the planning starts.

To find the right program, you first take into consideration why they’re going in the first place.  Some students are intent on living and studying abroad for the whole year while others might travel to take part in a special appearance with their choir or theatre department.

Either way, the potential benefits are vast and at the very least, provide the youngster with an unforgettable experience, enhanced perspective, language skills and personal development.  Not every program is going to be study related, and not all will last the same amount of time, but all will require working out a budget to meet the expenses associated with the trip.  And for that, you can turn to the money saving Groupon site to shop for all the essentials your child will need.